Friday, January 7, 2011

George Lucas Likes Money

Georgie Boy surprised no one by announcing that he will be re-re-releasing the entire Star Wars saga on BluRay with, get this shit, 30 hours of extra footage spread over 9 discs. 30. Hours. First off, where the fuck are they getting all this footage from? Its probably EVERY single second of footage that ever appeared on TV, DVD, internet, sketchbook doodle, etc. They claim that there's "never-before-seen deleted and alternate scenes", but they had to have had to dig pretty deep for that shit. 

If you have 30 hours to kill and want to watch George talk about how Luke Skywalker was originally Luke Starkiller or how Harrison Ford was originally a carpenter, it will only cost you $140. If you click the link below, has agreed to give Brain Dead Blog readers a special pre-order deal of $90 for the entire set. They've also agreed to give the deal to people who have never heard of this blog, but you should definitely mention that I sent you. 

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