Monday, January 31, 2011

Superman Likes Tea, Who Cares?

Henry Cavill was cast as Superman today, which poses an interesting question : "Who the hell is that guy".

I'll do my best to answer that...Superman is an alien who crash landed in the country, was raised by farmers, has a secret identity that involves glasses, and can fly/lift stuff/burn stuff with his eyes/reverse time by spinning the earth backward and is basically has no vulnerabilities. Bad joke aside, I hate Superman. He's as vanilla as comic book characters come.  The "only weakness is Kryptonite" thing is played out.

The "big news" is that Henry Cavill, an Englishman, is cast as Superman.  This isn't the first time an American comic book hero will be cast as a foreigner, so I couldn't care less.

The accent may be a bit weird, though. I've witnessed many English dudes try to do an American accent, and all they ever seem to come up with is "Hey maaan. What's haaaapening?" in a bastardized Bart Simpson tone. That line could be used for a couple different purposes, though.  Show up to an accident : "Hey maaan. What's haaaapening?".  Out on a date with Lois : "Hey maaan. What's haaaapening?". Finding out he's got super powers : "Hey maaan. What's haaaapening?".

Superman's real Kryptonite has been a good story. Hopefully Zack Snyder's slow motion can pull the franchise out of the muck.

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