Monday, January 24, 2011

Super Clerk.

Before Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns" hit the screens in 2006. We had all heard rumors of another film to be helmed by Tim Burton called "Superman Lives" which would star Nicolas Cage. However, due to disagreements with script and budgets, Burton left the project to direct Sleepy Hollow. After other directors, scripts, and stars came and went the film was finally scrapped in 2001.

In the last few years, leaked concept art and costume designs have surfaced all around the internet. While "Superman Returns" did become quite forgettable, I am happy that was the movie that made it to the theaters as opposed to the one with this guy.

Believe it or not "Superman Lives" ill fate began way before H.I. McDunnough threw on this set of PJs. Kevin Smith, director & comic book lover, tells his experience with this deathship of a film. Although I can't say I am a huge fan of all his cinematic efforts, Smith is a great raconteur. This story may be a bit long but it does paint a very real and humorous look at the Hollywood studio system.


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