Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cinema's Greatest Slaps

In honor of the oscar nominations being released today, I thought I'd share my favorite part of the ceremony. The Douger would like to think that it would be the acceptance speech or red carpet. He loves imagining me curled up on the couch with my pjs on, big bucket of popcorn in hand, and saying things like "You deserve this!" or "Enjoy this moment!".

That's just not true.

My favorite part of the awards show is the montage. Every year they do anywhere from 2-4 montages throughout the show. Usually a recap of the nominees, some sort of themed retrospective and always the "people who died this year" montage. Some are better than others but almost all I enjoy from an entertainment and editing perspective.

In the spirt of that I will try and share some of the other sequences you won't see at the awards show.

Courtesy of the other great place to see a montage, You Tube.


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