Friday, December 17, 2010

Fixing the NFL

Lots of talk has been going around about the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to L.A. To me, this makes sense. The Jags (fitting pun) can't sell tickets, their games are often blacked out, the fans don't care, and Florida (a state that doesn't care for any sport other than baseball) has 2 other teams already.  To top it off, their team color is teal. 

Yeah. Teal. 
They're a good team that win games and they deserve to be in a city that wants them...and LA wants them.  They even have plans for the stadium.

LA is a city that supports its teams.  The Lakers are huge, and USC games are a big deal. The Jaguars would be welcome with open arms.  But should they remain as "Jaguars"? Absolutely, LA already blew it by not changing the Lakers name (the team was originally based in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes).  This should be a brand new start; new name, new stadium, new uniforms...wash that teal right out of the NFL.

Keeping a LA based team in the AFC South would be a bit of a stretch, even by NFL standards.  Here's my proposal; move the St. Louis Rams to the AFC South.  Thats right in the middle of where the other divisional teams play (Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Houston). NO ONE will care what division the Rams play in, especially teams in the AFC South.  Moving the Rams will free up a spot in the NFC West, which is exactly where this new team belongs. They'll be in the same division as the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, and Seattle Seahawks. The LA team will probably even have a chance to get into the playoffs in their first year since the NFC West is terrible.

So LA, pick an awesome team name, stay the hell away from teal, and show some damn support.

(posted by Douger)

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