Monday, January 3, 2011

Leon Gets Up In Fox's Ass

JB Smoove, better known as Leon on Curb Your Enthusiasm, flipped it on Fox and topsy turvy'd their ass into giving FOX his own show.  I don't know anything about the inner workings of Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I do know this: Leon was part of a story arc that was over and they kept him around. Him and Larry have an amazing chemistry, but that may back fire on him.  Its gonna be hard to break away from all the crazy shit he says in Curb and go to a network sitcom with different standards and practices.

He's written for SNL, starred in world renowned Pootie Tang (I actually like that movie), Date Night, and a bunch of other stuff, so the dude has proven that he's funny.  Hopefully FOX lets him bring the ruckus and do his thing.

FOX show not withstanding, Smoove is committed to 10 more episodes of next season's Curb, so either way we all win.

(posted by Douger. via A.V. Club)

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