Thursday, January 20, 2011

Al Davis - American Zombie

Ah, Al Davis. He stands like a grouchy rock amongst the waves of modern coaches old enough to be his great grandson. He hasn't always been the most popular owner in the league, and sure...some of his teams have played the game like they were prison inmates on cocaine. But, Mr. Davis took a struggling AFL and skyrocketed it up to the NFL's level.  Sure, he took a lot of the NFL players and signed them to AFL contracts, but that's business.

So, do yourself a favor and remember Al Davis as a younger man, and do not hit the jump or scroll down.

This looks like something out of CSI:Miami, only on TV it would be lying on a steel table with a toe tag. If I was Davis I'd never go to sleep out of fear I may not wake up, although if you're awake theres a good chance you'd walk by a mirror and give yourself a heart

(No thanks to Ryan for sending me these abominations.)

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