Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Doug's Football Picks - Wildcard Weekend

This was a great year for football.  Teams like the Cowboys and Vikings, who were picked to go deep into the playoffs didn't even have winning records, and teams like the Falcons and Chiefs came out of nowhere and had a great year.  Mike Vick came off the bench and straight to the Pro Bowl, Brady is having amazing numbers throwing to nobodies, and Rex Ryan likes feet...basically the league proved that anything can happen. Of course, the Lions, Browns, Bills, and Redskins still stink, so it isn't COMPLETELY without tradition.

Bookies beware; here are my picks for "Wildcard Weekend"

Saturday 4:30pm
I think this is the first time a team (Seahawks) with a losing record won a division and were awarded a home team.  The Saints have the second best record in the division, but as I said above; anything can happen.  Seattle is known for their "12th man", but at the same time they were only able to put up 16 points in a "win or go home" game against the Rams. A lot would have to go right for Seattle to win.
Prediction : Saints 34 - Seahawks 6

Saturday 8:00pm

The Jets are coming off a rather lackluster couple weeks.  They lost to the Dolphins (not a great team), got BLOWN out by the Patriots, and lost a shootout with the Bears. I like LT, but the rest of the offense is too wishy washy to really count on.
The Colts seem to get re-energized in the playoffs, but they're not who they were.  They're banged up and they need some off season moves to be a real threat again.  Cromartie and Revis are gonna eat Peyton up.  Jets defense wins this one.
Prediction : Jets 16 - Colts 10

Sunday 1:00pm
The Ravens have the tools on offense and defense to go to the Super Bowl, with the exception of the QB. Joe Flacco isn't great, but their defense has won them a championship in the past. 
The Chiefs had a great start and I'm surprised that they didn't fizzle out. Matt Cassel stepped up and the running game surprised everyone.  Still, they're in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL and lost to too many questionable opponents. Plus, their coach is a bum. 
Prediction : Ravens 27 - Chiefs 17

Sunday 4:30pm
I'm an Eagle fan, but I'm nervous about this game.  This is a rematch of a Week 1 game the Eagles lost, but Kolb played like he was brain dead so that's not why I'm nervous.  Since the "Miracle at the New Meadowlands", the Eagles have lost to 2 bum teams with losing records...both with backup quarterbacks.  Yes, the Eagles played scrubs last week, but I hate that they're going into the playoffs after 2 home losses. 
On the other side of the coin, the Packers are coming off 2 BIG wins that got them into the playoffs. Their defense is fast and very talented. 
This game could go either way.  The Packers offense is so one dimensional that if the Eagles DBs play well, they'll win the game.  Packers defense is good, but if Vick and Jackson come out and play aggressive they'll be unbeatable. 

Prediction : Eagles 34 - Packers 24

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