Friday, January 7, 2011

Beard Wars

Jason Aaron (left) is a fairly new writer (Scalped, Ultimate Captain America) and is evidently sick of Alan Moore's shit. 

Moore is as known for his writing (Watchmen, From Hell, V For Vendetta) as he is for being totally bat shit crazy and for his disdain of the industry that he chose to be a part of.  Moore doesn't mask his disapproval of most of the comic book industry's practices, and isn't afraid to speak his (bat shit crazy) mind. 

Jason Aaron, being part of that industry, had enough and retaliated to some of Moore's comments with "Go fuck yourself, Alan Moore".  

I have to agree with Jason Aaron.  Regardless of who it is, you don't want to constantly hear someone talking shit. Even if that shit talker happens to be a snake worshipping, ring wearing, wanna be magician.
Moore, after realizing he was left home alone.
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