Friday, December 17, 2010

Sianara, suckers.

Great first week of blogging.  510 views as of 5pm on Friday...not too shabby! Expect much of the same next week, hopefully Chooch or I get to compiling some of our nerdy AIM conversations and I have one confirmed guest for Tuesday that will be awesome.

In case you missed what was happening this week:
- A perfect gift idea for the scumbag in your life.
- We outlined a better way to give to charities.
- A dude is dead.
- We started a new segment with Anderson Bradshaw called "From The Mind Of Der".
- Doug fixed the NFL.
- Rick Barnhart is filled with hate, so naturally we gave him an outlet to spew.
- Chooch showed us a site that has "Hot Chicks In Batman Shirts", but some of the entries don't match the description.
- Chooch sent everyone some holiday greetings.
- Mario Brothers got the "Grand Theft Auto" treatment.
- A fat guy in Florida doesn't pay attention to the subtext.
- Something, something ... Brett Favre.
- Adidas does their best to thin the nerd population.
- Chooch gave us his "Top 5 Bender Quotes".
- "Batman : Arkham City" released a trailer.
- A young lady can't play the guitar.
- Emma Stone is a perfect choice for Gwen Stacy, but should not be left alone with Chooch.

See ya next week.
-Douger and Chooch

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