Monday, December 20, 2010

Buske's Top 5 Crowbar Records

Buske's been in bands (Another Victim, Santa Sangre, The Promise, Terror, Maximum Penalty, Nasty Posse) for as long as I've known him, which has been well into 10 years now. He's passionate about music, and Crowbar is at the top of his list.  When I asked him to compile this list, I think he ran a gamut of emotions...Excitement. Anger. Responsibility. Anxiety. Anger. Confusion. Inspiration. Relief. And then anger again.   
He's one of my best friends, he's one of the biggest assholes I know, but he knows his shit.  Take it away, Jonnie Bitch...

I've never had to sit down and actually think about and develop rhetoric to explain why I love Crowbar so much. It's never been a topic of discussion beyond "who is your favorite band?" and when met with "why are they your favorite band?", the answer has always simply been, "because they're the heaviest band on the planet". If you know me, you know I like my music heavy so it only made sense that Crowbar would wear that crown. Having been asked to do this piece, it forced me to sit and really dissect WHY I love these songs so much. As fruity as it may sound, Crowbar is more than just music, lyrics and riffs to me. They harness a certain atmosphere, a distinct emotion. They transcend entertainment in musical form and that is something I have never gotten from any other band. They are poster children for musicians that need to understand that "less is more" when it comes to writing music and songs. It was almost torturous to have to sit and find words to verbalize the emotions/feelings evoked through a Crowbar song, but what follows is my attempt.

Top 5 Favorite Crowbar Songs 

#5 Sever The Wicked Hand from  Sever The Wicked Hand 
It's incredible to hear a Crowbar song in 2010 that sounds exactly like it was written 15 years prior. This song embraces everything Crowbar built for me and continues to solidify why they are the most incredible Metal band of my time. Fast part, mid-tempo part, punishing breakdown and the signature wall of tone sludge part. Absolute sonic perfection. 

#4 Through The Ashes  from Sonic Excess In It's Purest Form
To me, there are "tough" Crowbar songs and there are "slower", melodic, dark, deep emotional Crowbar songs. Both have a distinct heaviness to them but the more melodic ones carry a much thicker tone and make for a heavier experience. This song is the perfect "slower" Crowbar song. It embraces the emotion throughout the verses and choruses but then picks up into an almost punk vibe towards the end of the song then slams back into the dark verse and chorus riffage. The ascending/descending riff in the chorus is brilliant to me. Simplicity, man.

#3 Wrath Of Time Be Judgement from Broken Glass
There is an energy in this song that you typically don't get from other Crowbar songs. The up-tempo verse with layered vocals, the gnarly simplistic chorus riff that has the perfect amount of bass growl and attack on the palm mutes. The structure of the song and tempo changes at certain points just makes the song relentlessly brutal.

#2 To Carry The Load from Odd Fellows Rest
That melancholy verse riff butted up against 6 of the thickest palm muted notes I've ever heard makes for such an incredibly atmospheric part that blends perfectly into the chorus that follows. Followed by the (extended) bridge that seems it was written to tease you and create this sense of eager anticipation for what comes next; the heavest breakdown ever recorded. The atmosphere and mood of this song is absolutely incredible.

#1 High Rate Extinction from Crowbar
The opening riff of this song was my grand introduction to the band and it has continually epitomized Crowbar's sound record after record. It's heaviness blew my mind over 20 years ago it does the same every time I hear it now. What other band can take such a redundant riff and make it as timeless, heavy and brutal as Crowbar?  

Crowbar will release their 9th studio album, Sever The Wicked Hand, on Feb. 8th on E1 Music.  

(written by Buske, compiled by Douger)

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