Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rick Barnhart Hates....

I've known Rick Barnhart for a little over ten years, and he is easily one of the most hate-filled individuals I know... and I know A LOT of hateful people! We've decided to give him a soapbox to stand on and shake his fist at all of youz.

#5 I hate it when people wear bluetooth instead of texting while they drive. Texting was made to help natural selection along. Bluetooth is helping keep these idiots' hands on the wheel and on the road instead of them not paying attention and crashing into a tree so I can laugh as I speed by.
Not photoshopped.
#4 I hate it when visibly poor people wear a bluetooth. Those things are supposed to make rich, self important people feel more rich and self important. Its like when poor people put "spinners" (that they bought at Walmart) on their Pinto. Take it off and use the phone, minimum wage.
Voices in his head are now taken in the order they were received.
#3 I hate it when people wear their bluetooth speak as loudly into it as humanly possible. The person on the other end probably understands you, its not like when someone doesn't understand what language you are speaking so you talk louder thinking they will get it. Keep it down, I don't need to know how schmucky your life is, honkey (doug's note: I take offense to this. My dad was a honkey).
"KAHHHHHN!!!! Can you hear me now?"
#2  I hate when people wear their bluetooth when they come into any sort of appointment or meeting. Take the fucking thing off, this isn't mission control. 
If NASA were based in Florida.  Oh, wait....
#1 I hate people who wear their bluetooth when they are just sitting at home doing nothing. Pick up a fucking phone, you lazy mook.
"Oh're such a douchebag".
As long as he's breathing, Rick'll be hatin...and we'll reap the benefits! Stay tuned...

(written by Rick Barnhart. compiled by Douger)

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