Friday, December 17, 2010

From the mind of DER (Multiplayer Games for XBOX360)

Anderson Bradshaw; singer for The Promise and Another Victim, business partner, friend, and one time roommate.  Many of his nights have been spent yelling at 13 year old across the globe via XBOX360 and that cool headset all the hippest guys wear (where the hell is that sarcasm font?).

My wife and I started calling him "Ander", since "Anderson" had 3 syllables, and who's got time for that shit? Soon 2 syllables became too much of a hindrance, so I present to you...

I will preface this by saying that a multiplayer game is a fickle beast.  It only has about six months - one year before the next game comes along to take over.
Here are the ones that have been enjoyable.

Also for those who don't play video games. Please run away now. Your mind will not be able to take this much nerd.

#5 - HALO 3
The first Halo game to be made for the Xbox 360 this was everything we had in the two games prior perfected. Great graphics, matchmaking gameplay and introduction of the saved game feature to relive your most epic kills.

Ability to create own maps/customize rules.Minimal to zero lag issues.

You have to play with HALO people (a mixture of 12 year olds and internet frat bros)
There are professional gamers who plays this for a living. Nothing says fun like dying 80 times.

# 4 - Rainbow Six Vegas 2
The most recent Rainbow Six and as far as we know...maybe the last which is quite sad.

Amazing cover system which has yet to be beaten.
Cover system means being able to hide behind objects, lean over, and still shoot.
Fun maps and one of the first games that required you to unlock weapons through ranking up.

Play control has come a long way since but even at it's release the aiming and movement felt a little clunky.
Weird IP glitches would prevent certain people from hosting.

 #3 - Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2
This destroyed or at least delayed 80 percent of all males ranging from 16-40 from any sort of female attention. 
By result or as conscious choice? That's a case by case study.

Fast action.
Lots of swearing. 
Mostly by me.


If you have a life and for some reason decide that's more important you will fall behind in the gaming curve. 

Why did I need to spend two days unlocking the FAMAS master emblem? I don't know.

#2 - Left For Dead
Killing Zombies. It doesnt get much better. There was a sequel but really it felt more like an expansion of this game. 

Actually required you to communicate and work with your online buddies. One of the only instances I can think of where playing without a headset was almost impossible.
The game adapts to your gameplay. If you sit and camp, the AI will just start spawning more hordes of Zombies.
When playing the INFECTED. Tons of room on the maps to make creative attacks either solo or with your fellow players.

Makes you scream like a little girl.


Small lobbies limited the amount of friends you could play with.
Lobby system wasn't really fleshed out which made joining existing games random and inconsistent.
Makes you scream like a little girl.

#1 - Call of Duty : Black Ops
As previously stated. The best game is the current one.

Child of the regular COD series and Modern Warfare.
Introduction of the economy system. Earn points to unlock weapons, extras etc.
Zombie game built in and not extra.

CONS:Wish this came out when I was 22.
I still need to eat, sleep, work, live my life.
None of those things were necessary then.

We're all in this together.

When he's not playing video games, Anderson is editing videos with me over at Space Monkey Studios.  Since he moved out I have absolutely no idea what else he does.

(written by Anderson Bradshaw, compiled by Douger)

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