Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Boo, freakin, Hoo (Favre's Record)

Favre's record for consecutive starts topped out at 297, and some people (women probably) are bummed that its over.  I think it should have ended at 285 (after last year's NFC championship game. Do the math, turkeys).

He had a chance to bow out gracefully, leaving people to wonder; "oh man, what if he stayed around" and being remembered as a great QB. Instead, his exit will be marred by his diminished play and for showing his pecker to some chick.

As for his record, its a great number and shows how strong he is mentally and physically.  Times have changed and you don't see QBs putting up those kind of numbers.  However, lets not forget...he's not even close to holding the all-time record of 352 by NY Giants punter, Jeff Feagles.  Favre would have to keep starting games until Feagles retired, then play almost 4 more seasons.  That said, punters shouldn't count since they're one step up from "Equipment Manager" and one step below "Cheerleader".

Good job, Brett.  Too bad your ding dong was more news worthy this year than your play.

And he didn't even win $10,000 from America's Funniest Videos.
(posted by Douger)

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