Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ben Linus is a Rock!

This post is for the LOST fans of the world. Benjamin Linus is a Motherfucking Rock! I think Ben Linus is one of the greatest characters every created and the video below (created by TV Bloggers Pop Culture Savant) brought a tear to my eye.

I recently finished season 5 and am about to start season 6. I am totally sucked in and my mind is ripe with theories about what the smoke monster is, who is Jacob's nemesis and what happened after the bomb went off? While asking these questions I remembered a friends blog called Pop Culture Savant that asks all these questions and more. Check out their Top 5 Enduring Mysteries from season 1 and see for yourself (there are similar lists for all the other seasons). LOST is the closest we will ever come to the feel of comic book story arcs intersecting to create one huge story on the small and (I think) big screen. 
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