Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Doctor Who...First brit to be backed by braindead blog (try saying that drunk)

I come from a family of Sci Fi and Fantasy fanatics. This Christmas we all sat around a laptop and watched the "Dr. Who Christmas Carol" which was fan-fucking-tastic (I love using swear words to make a point). At the end of the special they showed this trailer for season 6, it got me feeling all kinds of funny inside. The British have always had a knack for quality science fiction and mixed with their awesome accents and beautiful women watching any of their original programming is a no brainer.

 You can catch up on all 5 seasons of Dr. Who on netflix streaming and I highly suggest you do so. Thanks to my sister and father for showing me the way of the "Doctor"!

-Posted by THE CHOOCH
Doug's edit: More like "Dr Who Cares?" (joke stolen from a drunk Jason Goldberg who used that line on a Dr Who signing autographs for some absurd amount of money at a convention in Jersey). I'm not a fan, but I applaud Chooch for trying new things.

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  1. It's 'Doctor' Who Charles... Not 'Dr.'