Thursday, February 17, 2011

Watson Wins Jeopardy. Shocker.

IBM figured it wasn't enough to totally humiliate humans by crushing our best at chess, now they're beating us at a game that only old people watch. The nerve.

Watson (whose remarkably large size makes us forget we live in 2011) went mano a mano a mano against 2 Jeopardy big wigs; Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.  They even gave him a little hydraulic buzzer, which appears to have shorted out Ken and Brad's buzzer, because they got spanked. Big surprise to everyone but the IBM programmers who's hands must be tired from all the back patting going on throughout the 3 day event.

Jennings took the loss with ass kissingly good humor by adding this to his final answer:
It makes sense for him to hedge his bets, since Judgement Day can't be too far off, but look at the pic at the very top and tell me where Jennings' left hand is. Clearly, we're just provoking the machines at this point.

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