Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fantastic Fou...Wait, What Now?

If I read any comics besides the ULTIMATE series, I'd know what the hell was going on. New suits, some kind of 3 logo, The Thing is throwing two kids on some sort of Fantasticar, and Spider-Man is lurking.  I guess Johnny Storm is dead, or something?

That's the type of journalism you can expect from your friends at Brain Dead Blog.

UPDATE : The always correct Wikipedia says that Johnny Storm dies after stopping a horde of monsters from the Negative Zone.  Really? The Negative Zone? Has ANY story involving the Negative Zone ever gone well? If Reed Richards so damn smart, how come he act so dam stoopid?

UPDATE v2 : I think Spider-man looks cool in this outfit.  It clearly won't be when he's rolling solo, so why not.

UPDATE v3 : Loyal BrainDeadBlog reader Jordan Buckley (Loyal? No. Reader? Probably not) brought up a good point via twitter :"He died so that he could be Captain America".

He went on to say: "(get it)?"

Then ended with: "(because the same actor that played Johnny Storm in the F4 movie is now playing Captain America in the Captain America movie)".

I think he's on to something.

This has just been confirmed: the kid who played Andy Keaton (Alex's younger brother) on Family Ties will now play any and all renditions of Johnny Storm, even in the comics.

This makes me sick.  Just like Hollywood to bring in a cute kid to create interest.

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